The shop has a selection of popular pre-filled cases, but many collections need a case filled with a personalised selection of trays. With TraySelector from KR Multicase you can do that with ease. Simply select your case from the case cupboard, drag and drop it on the bench and then fill it with trays from the tray cupboard. Generally filling the case with the largest trays first and filling stacks of half trays in tandem will give you good results!

You can select the tray list when the case is full and copy and paste it into the bespoke case sections on the shop pages to order your case filled with your set of trays. Further updates are planned for TraySelector to provide additional case sizes as well as automatic linking to the checkout and other increased functionality.

follow these 5 straightforward steps:

Step 1: Decide on the KR Multicase (card or aluminium), the Kaiser or the Aquilla.
Step 2: Decide on the tray sizes and formats (F, N, M, V, D, J), if you choose custom trays (L-format) you need to see the options on the custom tray page too for your final choice !)
Step 3: Use the TraySelector app to ensure they all fit in one case (1 KRU), simply drag and drop the trays into the case. – consider the following for the amount of trays/standard cases worth of trays required:
For a Kaiser2, Backpack2, or double aluminium KR Multicase you will need 2 standard cases worth of trays!
For a Kaiser3 you will need 3 standard cases worth of trays!
For a triple aluminium KR Multicase you will need 3 standard cases worth of trays in 2 stacks each equivalent to 1½ standard cases deep
For a Kaiser4, quad aluminium KR Multicase or 800 case, you will need 4 standard cases worth of trays!
For a 1200 case, you will need 6 standard cases worth of trays!
Step 4: Fill your chosen KR Multicase !
Step 5: Copy your tray codes from the “selected trays” field
and paste them in the “trays required” field on the shop page before adding your purchase to your basket.

tray compartment depths

KR trays are available in 5 compartment depths:
23mm (4T and 4H)
32mm (3T and 3H)
51mm (2T and 2H)
70mm (5T and 5H)
110mm (1T and 1H)

Note that the dimensions refer to the compartment depth and not the overall tray height.
All trays are available in either full width (suffix T) or half width (suffix H).
If you need any assistance, click here to email us for help.