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The KR Multicase QuickFill Tool

The KR Multicase site can be a bit daunting with the sheer volume of trays and cases, and the varying widths and depths of both, but there is an easy to use tool to make sure you fill up your chosen case instantly!

When you select your case of choice, you can hit the QuickFill function! This will bring show you all the tray sets of ours that will fit inside your case! With varying filters for the types of models you'll be storing - such as Troops, Cavalry, vehicles, you can easily determine the most fitting selection from there, but if you've got a specific army in mind, it can even break it down by the tray sets we recommend for that army. Just click on the army to see the options!

In addition, this tool will only recommend tray sets that fit inside your chosen case! If you pick our standard sized KRM, it will recommend the standard 1 KRU tray sets, and smaller sets, and for every set you pick that doesn't entirely fill your case, it will recommend additional ones until you have entirely filled your case. So if you want our Kaiser4 Transport bag, it will keep recommending tray sets until you have filled all four KRU's worth of cases in it. And considering each tray set has a very easy to read description, you know exactly what you'll be getting and what you can fit!

Try it out today and see how easy it is to order your case and trays from KR.

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