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KR Multicase Tray sets for Bloodbowl

Bloodbowl is one of the most popular table top games amongst many hobbyists and to store and transport your star teams, you'll need some fantastic tray sets! We can even recommend some of ever popular Aquilla transport cases, perfect for these smaller scale games.

FFB-BB-P is for you starting out your Bloodbowl career, with 1 BB3 tray. This tray will hold 15 models on 32mm bases, but has space for 3 more 32mm based models OR 3 40mm based models! This can fit perfectly in our Aquilla1 skirmish case, to carry the tray and its valuable, match winning team in protection.

For the Team Manager who's starting to spread their wings and explore a few more teams, we have the FFB-BB-Q, which contains 2 BB3 trays, for 36 models - 6 of which can be on 40mm bases! And we can recommend the Aquilla5, which makes this is perfect for you if you're bringing two teams, either to explore a few games, or let a friend test one of your teams with you!

And for the veterans out there who've dipped their toes in many a field and ground the opposition into the dirt of many a pitch, we have the FFB-BB-R, which holds 3 BB3 trays for a whopping 54 models, of which a mighty nine can be held on 40mm bases. This is perfect for keeping track of your career with all your teams accounted for, and it can all be transported in either our KRH Card case, or our Aquilla6 transport bag.

These can all be found on our Website, Amazon store and eBay page!

Keep an eye out for more and more of our new tray sets and trays!

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