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KR Multicase's Custom Trays for Black Seas are Here!

We at KR Multicase have prepared our trays for Warlord Game's new naval wargame, Black Seas! We can get a great number of your ships to battle, even in our Standard KRM card case!

The BS1 tray is one of our 1/3rd depth trays, and it can hold 4 Brigs and 2 Frigates, complete with masts, bowsprits and rigging! This means that we can store a total of 24 Brigs and 12 frigates in a standard KRM!

The BS2 tray is for the larger vessels, and can store two 1st Rates or 3rd Rates - or any of the named vessels like the L'Orient, the HMS Victory or the USS President - with compartments for 2 Gunboat squads! One of our half depth trays, we can store four of these in a standard case for 8 1st Rates or 3rd Rates and 8 Gunboat Squads!

Our first custom set, the WLD-BS-A has three BS1 and two BS2 trays, will hold 12 Brigs, 6 Frigates, 4 Gunboat Squadrons and 4 1st or 3rd rates, making it perfect for most collections! This set will fit in a KRM card case or any of our standard sized cases!

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