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KR Multicase's Supported Tournament List

"KR Multicase is proud to support tournaments all over the world. Whether it's a massive multi-competitor events for Age of Sigmar and Warmachine or smaller events for select players for Blood Bowl or War of Kings, we've sent our prizes to events of all scales! You can find a list of tournaments we're supporting on our webpage here. So far, in 2019, we will be supporting the following events:

Royal Rumble 2019, on the 26th of January, Italy
Atlanta MESBG., on the 26th of January, USA
Call to Glory 2019, on the 26th to a 27th, January, Canberra, Australia
Call to Glory 2019 - Age of Sigmar, 26th to the 27th, January, Lyneham, Australia
The Guns over The River Blyth 27th of January, Blythe, UK
AoS Ulster Warlords: The Underworld Wars, 2nd to the 3rd of February, Ireland
The Old Dominion Disagreement, 2nd February, Virginia, USA
Lost Hemisphere Fundraiser at CaptainCon,8th to the 10th of February, Warwick, USA
Echoes of War, 16th to the 17th of February, South Wales
Fulginium Bowl 2019, 2nd to the 3rd of March, Umbria, Italy
Orclahoma Bowl, 16th to the 17th of March, Oklahoma, USA,
Spiky Cup, 16th to the 17th of March, Oklahoma, USA
Mantic Franticon 2019, 23rd March, London, UK
Bugeater GT, 31st May to the 2nd of June, Nebraska, USA
Rose City Raid 2019, 22nd to the 23rd of June, Oregon, USA

These fantastic tournaments will pit many players against each other, and our fantastic cases and trays are being available as prizes for the victorious! If you have an event you'd like us to support, please contact us here and we are always happy to provide tournament support!

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KR Multicase's Supported Tournament List KR Multicase Show Schedule Until April. KR Multicase Hobby Tool and Paintbrush trays. The KR Multicase team is back for the New Year Christmas Posting Dates for KR Multicase KR Multicase Trays and Army Lists for Death Guard The KR Multicase QuickFill Tool KR Multicase is heading for Warfare this weekend KR Multicase' new trays for the Classic Games Workshop Case. KR Multicase is heading for Crisis this weekend KR Multicase's new Adeptus Titanicus Sets KR Multicase UPS Tracking KR Multicase's Community Pages KR Multicase's Website Filters KR Multicase about NOVA Open 2018 Adeptus Titanicus is on the move! KR Multicase team ready for Colours this weekend KR Multicase has trays for Malign Sorceries and Soul Wars KR Multicase's new Quarter Depth Aluminium Cases are now available! NOVA Open Starts on the 29th KR Multicase Trays for Soul Wars KR Multicase Tray for the T'au Orca KR Multicase Custom Trays for the Knight Dominus KR Multicase Preparing for Malign Sorcery! KR Multicase gets ready for Soul Wars KR Multicase Forgebane Sets Now Released! Imperial Knight Dominus KR ready is for action at Broadside this weekend Pre-order your KR Multicase cases for Salute 2018 Pre-order your KR items now ready for Crisis! KR's packed and ready for NOVA This Weekend Pre-order your KR items now ready for NOVA Open KR's ready for Gen Con this week New Star Wars Armada tray; the Custom AR16 now available. New Star Wars X-Wing tray; the Custom XW25 now available. KR Multicase Tournaments Directory Check out the updated KR Multicase Show Directory! Take a look at the updated KR Shop Directory! KR Multicase is heading to Stafford for Barrage KR Multicase packed ready for UK Games Expo Welcome back after the Christmas festivities Wishing everyone a very happy new year! Check-out the last order dates for your KR Multicase orders Warfare 2016 - an action-packed weekend KR Sponsor Warfare Show the 19th and 20th November KR at the NOVA Open 2016 in just a month's time Spotlight on Warmachine Tournament Derby Show News - Tournament Overview Kaiser Transport Bags and Aquilla Cases Back & Kaiser Review! Re-Stock of K3, K4 and the Aquilla cases complete Kaiser and Aquilla Cases Back at end of the month! Vanquish Show this weekend Partizan Show this weekend Salute Best painted Competition Prize Winner Campaign Show this weekend Legionary Show this weekend War Veterans / Tabletopbattle.com HALO at Salute X-Wing Wave 8 new custom trays and more ! Wings of Glory Wings18 and Wings28 Custom trays. X-Wing Wave 8 Inbound ! WM25 Release Hammerhead and Overlord this weekend Cavalier this weekend DE1 Now Available in Colour ! HALO Wave 2 Release X-Wing Assault Carrier Tray Released today! Star Wars Armada Wave 2 Trays Released Today Halo Custom Trays inbound Last posting dates for Christmas getting close ! Recon Later this week! Seething Ginger Review KR Supports the Welsh Masters Warfare this Weekend! Tyranid Custom Trays Released today Mechanicum Custom Trays Launched this week Eldar Custom Trays

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