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Adeptus Titanicus is on the move!

The KR Multicase Team have recently gotten their hands on the new Adeptus Titanicus set from Games Workshop. A nostalgic trip back to Games Workshop's EPIC scale wargames, the Titanicus models are finely detailed and beautifully made figures, maintaining some pin sharp detail down at such a scale.

For The Warlord Battle Titan, we recommend for the moment our pick&pluck V1H tray, which will carry a pair of these incredibly powerful war engines. This tray can also hold 4 of the Reaver Battle Titans, for a solid battle line.. For the Questoris Knights, we recommend the pick&pluck D2H, which can carry a mighty 15 of them, enough to carry the 6 in the starter set and offer room for significant expansion. For the Cards and Fire arcs for the Titans, we recommend a pick&pluck V4H, which will enable you to keep all the contents of the starter set together.

For those of you looking for a custom solution for this new release, we can recommend the VC2 to hold 2 Warlord Battle Titans. For the Reavers, we recommend the VC4 tray, as that can hold four! And the VC3 tray can carry 1 Warlord Titan and 2 Reavers, for a mixed force! The SM47 can carry 15 Questoris Knights, enough to make a real dent in any Titan Legion Battle Line. And for the Cards, Firing Arcs and tokens, we'll have custom trays ready for those later in the year

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