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20 Bulky troops / troops on 32mm bases - Upto 50mm tall

1/4 depth, half width

Game Systems & Armies that use this tray

  • Games Workshop
    • The Horus HeresyTray guide
      • Legiones AstartesTray guide
        • Legiones Astartes 20 Space Marines on 32mm bases (Iconography and dynamic poses) / 20 Legionaires from Betrayal at Calth (including Kurtha Sedd)/ Palatine Blades/ Dark Furies/ Mor Deythan/ Khenentai Occult Blades/ Invictarus Suzerains/ Headhunters/ Rapteors/ Medusan Immortals/ Pyroclasts/ Kakophoni/ Reavers/ Rampagers/ Ashen Circle/ Grey Slayers/ Templar Brethren/ Destroyers/ Breachers/ Despoilers/ MKIV Recon Squad
    • Warhammer 40,000Tray guide
      • Blood AngelsTray guide
        • 20 Blood Angels on 32mm bases (Iconography and dynamic poses)
      • Chaos DaemonsTray guide
        • Chaos Daemons 20x Daemonettes/ Blue Horrors/ Bloodletters/ Furies
      • Chaos Space MarinesTray guide
        • Chaos Marines 20x Chaos Space Marines/ Khorne Berserkers/ Noise Marines/ Fabius Bile/ Huron Blackheart/ Lucius the Eternal/ Rubric Marines/ Plague Marines on 32mm bases (Iconography and dynamic poses)
      • Dark AngelsTray guide
        • 20 Dark Angels on 32mm bases (Iconography and dynamic poses)
      • Dark Eldar Tray guide
        • Dark Eldar 20 HQ / Incubi / Mandrakes / Kabalite / Wyches/ Lhamaean/ Medusae/ Ur-Ghul
      • Adeptus MechanicusTray guide
        • Adeptus Mechanicus 20x Skitarii Vanguard/ Skitarii Rangers
      • DrukhariTray guide
        • Drukhari 20 HQ / Incubi / Mandrakes / Kabalite / Wyches/ Lhamaean/ Medusae/ Ur-Ghul
      • Space MarinesTray guide
        • 20 Space Marines on 32mm bases (Iconography and dynamic poses)
      • Space WolvesTray guide
        • 20 Space Space Wolves on 32mm bases (Iconography and dynamic poses)
      • InquisitionTray guide
        • Inquisition 20x Deathcult Assassins/ Crusaders/ Warrior Acolytes/ Preacher/ Jokaero Weaponsmith/ Inquisitor Coteaz/ Inquisitor/ Servitors
      • Officio AssassinorumTray guide
        • Officio Assassinorum 20 Vindicare Assassins/ Eversor Assassins/ Callidus Assassins/ Culexus Assassins
      • Sisters of BattleTray guide
        • Adepta Sororitas 20x Sisters of Battle/ Dominions/ Retributors/ Repentia
      • Grey KnightsTray guide
        • 20 Grey Knights on 32mm bases (Iconography and dynamic poses)
    • Warhammer Age of SigmarTray guide
      • Grand Alliance Order: Kharadron OverlordsTray guide
        • 20x Kharadron Overlords Arkanaut Company
      • Grand Alliance Order: Free PeoplesTray guide
        • Free Peoples 20x Freeguild Greatswords/ Freeguild Handgunners/ Freeguild Crossbowmen/ Freeguild General on Foot/ Freeguild Archers/ Freeguild Guard.
      • Grand Alliance Destruction: Gloomspite GitzTray guide
        • Gloomspite Gitz 18x Sneaky Shufflers/ Loonboss/ Gobbapalooza/ Fungoid Cave Shamans
      • Grand Alliance Chaos: Hedonites of SlaaneshTray guide
        • Hedonites of Slaanesh 20x Daemonettes of Slaanesh/ Lord of Slaanesh
      • Grand Alliance Death: Legions of NagashTray guide
        • Legions of Nagash 20x Graveguard/ Skeleton Warriors/ Cairn Wraiths/ Wight Kings/ Wight King with Black Axe/ Tomb Banshee/ Deadwalker Zombies/ Vampire Lords
      • Grand Alliance Destruction: Moonclan GrotsTray guide
        • Moonclan Grots 20x Moonclan Grots/ Cave Squigs/ Grot Squig Herders/ Warboss/ Shaman
      • Grand Alliance Destruction: Gitmob GrotsTray guide
        • 20x Grots/ Snotlings/ Grot Shamans/ Grot Weapon Crews/ Nasty Skulkas
      • Grand Alliance Chaos: Clan MoulderTray guide
        • 20x Giant Rats/ Rat Ogre Handlers/ Pack Masters
      • Grand Alliance Chaos: MasterclanTray guide
        • 20x Grey Seers
      • Grand Alliance Chaos: Clan VerminusTray guide
        • 20x Skaven Warlord/ Storm Vermin/ Clanrats
      • Grand Alliance Chaos: Daemons of ChaosTray guide
        • 20x Furies
      • Grand Alliance Chaos: Clan EshinTray guide
        • Clan Eshin 20x Gutter Runners/ Night Runners
      • Grand Alliance Chaos: Slaves to DarknessTray guide
        • 20x Chaos Marauders
      • Grand Alliance Chaos: Clan SkryreTray guide
        • Clan Skryre 20x Warlock Engineers/ Archwarlock/ Skryre Acolytes
      • Grand Alliance Chaos: Clan PestilensTray guide
        • 20x Plague Censer Bearers/ Plague Monks/ Plague Priests
      • Grand Alliance Chaos: BrayherdsTray guide
        • 20x Bestigors/ Gors/ Great Bray Shaman/ Beastlord/ Ungors
      • Grand Alliance Death: DeathrattleTray guide
        • 20x Wight King/ Grave Guard/ Skeleton Warriors
      • Grand Alliance Death: NighthauntTray guide
        • Nighthaunt 20x Tomb Banshees
      • Grand Alliance Death: DeadwalkersTray guide
        • Deadwalkers 20x Zombies
      • Grand Alliance Order: Swifthawk AgentsTray guide
        • Swifthawk Agents 20x Shadow Warriors
      • Grand Alliance Order: Order DraconisTray guide
        • Order Draconis 20x Dragon Noble on Foot
      • Grand Alliance Order: ShadowbladesTray guide
        • Shadowblades 20x Assassins
      • Grand Alliance Order: Lion RangersTray guide
        • Lion Rangers 20x White Lions
      • Grand Alliance Death: SoulblightTray guide
        • 20x Vampire Lords on Foot
      • Grand Alliance Death: Flesh-Eater CourtsTray guide
        • 20x Abhorrent Ghoul King/ Crypt Ghouls
      • Grand Alliance Order: Daughters of KhaineTray guide
        • Daughters of Khaine 20x Witch Aelves/ Hag Queens/ Slaughter Queen
      • Grand Alliance Order: Collegiate ArcaneTray guide
        • Collegiate Arcane 20x Battlemages
      • Grand Alliance Order: Scourge PrivateersTray guide
        • Scourge Privateers 20x Black Ark Corsairs/ Black Ark Fleetmasters
      • Grand Alliance Order: Phoenix TemplesTray guide
        • Phoenix Temples 20x Phoenix Guard/ Anointed
      • Grand Alliance Order: WanderersTray guide
        • Wanderers 20x Sisters of Avelorn / Wildwood Rangers / Eternal Guard / Glade Guard / Nomad Prince / Spell Weaver / Waystrider / Wayfinder / Waywatcher
      • Grand Alliance Order: DispossessedTray guide
        • Dispossessed 20x Longbeards/ Hammerers/ Iron Breakers/ Iron Drakes/ Thunderers/ Quarrellers/ Dispossessed Warriors/ Unforged/ Warden King/ Runelord
      • Grand Alliance Order: Ironweld ArsenalTray guide
        • Ironweld Arsenal 20x Helstorm Rockey Battery Crew/ Organ Gun Crew/ Hellblaster Volleygun Crew/ Cannon Crew/ Cogsmith/ Gunmaster
      • Grand Alliance Order: Devoted of SigmarTray guide
        • Devoted of Sigmar 20x Flagellants/ Warrior Priests/ Witch Hunters
      • Grand Alliance Order: Darkling CovensTray guide
        • Darkling Covens 20x Executioners/ Dreadspears/ Darkshards/ Bleakswords/ Sorceress
    • Warhammer ForgebaneTray guide
      • Forgebane MechanicusTray guide
        • Forgebane 20x Mechanicus Skitarii Vanguard/ Skitarii Rangers
      • Forgebane All ArmiesTray guide
        • Forgebane 20x Mechanicus Skitarii Vanguard/ Skitarii Rangers
    • Blackstone FortressTray guide
      • Blackstone FortressTray guide
        • Blackstone Fortress 20x Traitor Guard/ Spindle Drones/ Chaos Beastman/ Ur-Ghuls
    • Chaos DaemonsTray guide
      • Slaanesh DaemonsTray guide
        • Holds 20x Slaanesh Daemonettes
  • Privateer Press
    • Warmachine and HordesTray guide
      • MercenariesTray guide
        • 20x Alexia Ciannor or 20x Anastasia Di Bray or 20x Bloody Bradigan or 20x Cephalyx Agitator or 20x Cephalyx Mind Bender or 20x Cephalyx Overlord or 20x Cephalyx Slaver or 20x Commodore Crew or 20x Cutthroat or 20x Cylena Raefyll or 20x Dannon Blythe or 20x Devil Dog or 20x Dirty Meg or 20x Doc Killingsworth or 20x Drudge or 20x Drudges or 20x Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios or 20x First Mate Hawk or 20x Forge Guard or 20x Gorman DiWulfe, Rogue Alchemist or 20x Gorman DiWulfe, Rogue Alchemist (Press Ganger Exclusive) or 20x Hammerfall High Shield or 10x Hammerfall Officer or 20x Hammerfall Standard or 20x Harlan Versh, the Illuminated One or 20x Herne or 20x Horgenhold Artillery Crew or 20x Kayazy Assassin or 20x Kayazy Eliminator or 20x Kell Bailoch or 20x Lady Aiyana or 20x Lord Rockbottom or 20x Madelyn Corbeau, Ordic Courtesan or 20x Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile or 20x Master Holt or 20x Mutineer or 20x Nyss Hunter or 20x Orin Midwinter or 20x Precursor Knight or 20x Precursor Knights Officer or 20x Press Ganger or 20x Ragman or 20x Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator or 20x Rhupert Carvolo or 20x Risen or 20x River Raider or 20x Rutger Shaw or 20x Sam McThorne or 20x Sea Dog Crewman or 20x Sergeant Nicolas Verendrye or 20x Steelhead Halberdier or 20x Steelhead Riflemen or 20x Sylys Wyshnalyrr or 20x Tactical Arcanist Corp or 20x Taryn di la Rovissi or 20x Thor Steinhammer or 20x Thrall Warrior or 20x UA Kayazy Assassin Underboss or 20x UA Mr. Walls or 20x WA Sea Dog Rifleman
  • TT Combat
    • RumbleslamTray guide
      • Rumbleslam Free AgentsTray guide
        • Holds 20x Rumbleslam Free Agents on 25mm bases: Henchilada, Trojan, The Chief, Fable and the Thespian
      • Rumbleslam GomorrahTray guide
        • Holds 20x Rumbleslam Gomorrah Models on 25mm bases: Phage, Chuck, Jester, Comet, Caria, Lord of Anarchy, Gemini Twins, The Nut, Tartan, Dark Elf Brawler, Dark Elf Grappler, Entertainer, Highflyer, Female Brawler, Female Grappler, Shadowling Brawler, Shadowling Grappler.
      • Rumbleslam Kaiser's PalaceTray guide
        • Holds 20x Rumbleslam Kaiser's Palace Models on 25mm bases: Ronnie Salvage, Triple D, Vitamar, Dragonbrawlers, Lumberjack, The Greek, Statesman, Tavern, Gertha, Human Brawler, Human Grappler, Dwarf Mechanic, Glory Seeker, Halfling Brawler, Halfing Grappler, Dwarf Brawler, Dwarf Grappler.
      • Rumbleslam Rolling BonesTray guide
        • Holds 20x Rumbleslam Rolling Bones Models on 25mm bases: Gun, Gravedigger, Gobba, Fang, Waaarrior, Marowhackjob, Nobgoblins, Captain Keelhaul, Orc Brawler, Orc Grappler, Skeleton, Orc Skeleton, Goblin Brawler, Goblin Grappler, Mummy and Zombie
      • Rumbleslam The Feral DenTray guide
        • Holds 20x Rumbleslam The Feral Den Models on 25mm bases: Leo, Baxter, Toothpick, Experiment 2186, Brothers Berserk, Goatman Brawler, Goatman Grappler, Barbarian Brawler, Barbarian Grappler, Vermin Brawler, Vermin Grappler, Ratman Brawler and Ratman Grappler
      • Rumbleslam The Forest SoulTray guide
        • Holds 20x Rumbleslam The Forest Soul Models on 25mm bases: Pythong, Lumberjacked, Green Gables, Dilomite Kid, Relentless Dosh, Botticelli, Amazonian Brawler, Amazonian Grappler, Sprite Brawler and Sprite Grappler, Saurian Brawler, Saurian Grappler, Gekko Brawler, Gekko Grappler

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