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Monsterpocalypse Set B

1x 1 KRU

Trays in this Set: F3H, V3H, 2x V5H

Game Systems & Armies that use this tray set

  • Monsterpocalypse
    • Lords of CthulTray guide
      • Holds Lords of Cthul 18x Spitters/ Task Masters/ Meat Slaves, 12x Squixx and 2x Yarseth/ Cthugrosh/ Void Gate/ Ulgoth or 12x Snatchers/ Elite Snatcher/ Hellion
    • Martian MenaceTray guide
      • Holds Martian Menace 18x Vanguard/ Hunter/ Powerpods, 12x Saucers, 2x Deimos 9/ Ares Mothership/ Martian Command Post
    • Planet EatersTray guide
      • Holds Planet Eaters 18x Chompers/ Destructomites/ Crawley/ Belchers, 12x Explodohawks and 2x Rozgor/ Gorghadra/ Harbinger Comet Shard
    • Shadow Sun SyndicateTray guide
      • Holds Shadow Sun Syndicate 18x S-Type Shinobi and 12x Syndicate Interceptors/ Sun Fighters/ Shadowgates and 2x Zor-Maxim/ Zor-Raider/ Shadow Sun Industries

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