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KR Tray Sizes

KR tray external dimensions

There are TWO sizes of KR trays, the standard tray at 380mm x 255mm, and the half tray at 190mm x 255mm. Both fit in the KR range of modular cases, and are available in 6 tray depths.


KR tray depths

At KR, we think that the important depth for a tray is the actual depth of the compartment as that provides the space and protection for your models.  The actual tray height is only important in order to know how many trays fit in a case.  For ease these are:


Quarter height trays have 23mm depth compartments

One Third height trays have 32mm depth compartments

Half height trays have 51mm depth compartments

Two Thirds height trays have 70mm depth compartments

Three Quarter height trays have 80mm depth compartments

Full height trays have 110mm depth compartments


For those of you who collect 6mm and 10mm scale armies, the 610 range of KR trays have a compartment depth of 10mm.


KR compartment sizes

As mentioned, all of our foam trays are available in 6 compartment depths: 10mm, 23mm, 32mm, 51mm, 70mm and 110mm, and they have the following sizes:

The F-format trays have the largest compartment size for figure storage of any comparable system, at 53mm x 30mm (LxW)

The N-format are comparable to many on the market at 50mm x 25mm (LxW)

The M-format are ideal for 20-28mm figures at 40mm x 25mm (LxW)

The card trays are 53mm x 30mm x 35mm (LxWxD)



KR core tray formats

There are SEVEN formats of core trays as listed here:

F-format (36 compartments)

N-format (40 compartments)

M-format (50 compartments)

0-format (49 compartments)

V-format segmented pick&pluck (6 rows, 30mm wide with 10mm walls)

D-format segmented pick&pluck (5 rows, 40mm wide with 10mm walls)

J-format segmented pick&pluck (4 rows, 50mm wide with 10mm walls)

There are 1:1 scale printouts available of the core trays from the tray printouts page.


KR pick&pluck trays

The KR pick&pluck trays are segmented, again a feature uniquely designed for the KR Multicase, which enables you to easily customise your trays and provide optimum support and space usage for your miniatures.

The segmented pick&pluck trays are available in 3 formats, each suits larger vehicles and monsters. The 3 formats suit a wide range of vehicles, monsters and figures on all larger bases, as well as unbased. There are 1:1 scale printouts available from the tray printouts page. which you can use to help decide which would suit your needs best, but if you are unsure, just email us for advice.


KR custom trays

The custom trays are created for specific figures and vehicles and you can find them on the custom trays page.


KR 610 trays

The KR 610 range of trays is designed specifically for the 6-10mm scale armies. They use the same principle of the core tray formats, but in 10mm compartment depth. These trays fit 5 to a case and have a reiniforced base plus tabs to help lifting the trays in and out of case. Click here to see the range of 610 trays.


KR railway trays

The KR 610 range of railway trays is designed specifically for N-Gauge and OO-Gauge rolling stock, covering locos, coaches and wagons. They combine the soft high tensile KR foam for protection of the models, along with a supportive card exterior and handles to assist getting the trays in and out of a case. Click here to see the range of railway trays.

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