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KR Multicase is prepared for Wild West Exodus

Wild West Exodus is the steampunk and supernatural skirmish game from Warcradle. With a combination of gothic horror, steampunk science and old west gunslinging aesthetics, it's a popular game with a ton of fantastic and characterful models. And we've got the trays to store many of them!

For many of the standard models on small bases, our F3H can hold 18 models of any faction - from the Enlightened's Constructs to the Union's Armoured Riflemen, this tray will form the basis of a lot of cases for Wild West Exodus armies!

For the the medium based models, such as the K-9 Attack Dogs and Gun Dogs, we can recommend the D2H pick&pluck tray for 10 such models. It'll be suitable for any model on Warcradle's Medium Base.

And then the larger models, the V5H pick&pluck tray will be suitable for models like the Flame Tanks, the Lawmen's Judgment tank, the Warrior Nation's Great Elk or the Order's Pillars of Judgement.

We'll constantly be updating our tray range for Wild West Exodus and keeping an eye out for its future releases, and we'll be happy to recommend cases to store your gangs and warbands in!

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